Case study: Chartway Industrial Services

Generating an annual £8,136 income stream for Chartway Industrial Services

ClientChartway Industrial Services
We installed...A 72 kw combined output biomass boiler, run on a sequencer controller for efficiency
Annual fuel savingNone - fuel costs the same as gas (4.6 p per kw)
Annual RHI income£8,136

Lime-Circle biomass boiler installation for Chartway Industrial Services

Chartway Industrial Services are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of precision parts for heating and plumbing, serving as the main supplier for the country’s major boiler manufacturers.

Chartway approached us with a desire for greater fuel security – they felt that energy companies’ continuous price hikes were unwarranted and held businesses to ransom. Their offices were originally heated by a combination boiler, while the manufacturing floor was heated by inefficient roof slung gas powered unit heaters.

Biomass boilers were the obvious answer. We explained how the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) worked and how they as a business could benefit. They’d receive payments from the Government based on how many kwh of heat they produced. We projected that this payment could be in the region of £8,136, giving an ROI of 5-6 years at today’s gas prices.

Sequencer controller for ultimate efficiency

Biomass boiler controls installed by Lime-Circle

We installed two 36kw biomass boilers which were set up to run in cascade.  This means that when a demand for heat is made, the boilers turn on, and as the heating load decreases, the number of boilers running decreases. This is known as a sequencer system and it increases efficiency, as just the required amount of energy is being produced when wanted.

Wireless programmable thermostats

For extra comfort in the offices, Siemens wireless programmable thermostats controlled the radiators now powered by biomass. The manufacturing areas are now warmed by 6 heated water unit heaters, broken down into zones wirelessly controlled by employees.

Our client says…

“We decided to upgrade our heating system in early 2013. Initially we explored conventional means of heating before deciding on a greener system in the form of a biomass boiler. Throughout the process we were kept informed and on the ins and outs of completely new form of technology to us.

“We found Lime-Circle to be enthusiastic and knowledgeable both throughout and following the installation; any tweaking to the system required was done quickly and efficiently. The Managing Director Chris Messom is always on hand to offer guidance and support should it be required. 

“Based on our experience we would recommend Lime-Circle to anyone considering a biomass boiler in the future. We are delighted with our greener, more efficient form of heating in our offices and warehouse. ”

Brett Mason – Operations Manager, Chartway

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Biomass for business

Case study: Bowden print house, Nottingham

New biomass boiler adds up to £5,252 a year for Bowden


ClientBowden print house, Nottinghamshire
We installed...Grant Spira 36 kw , 200 litre unvented hot water cylinder and four 10 kw unit heaters Grant Spira 36 kw , 200 litre unvented hot water cylinder and four 10 kw unit heaters
Annual fuel saving £1,182 (oil vs. pellets)
Annual RHI income£4,070 - that’s £105,040 over the 20-year RHI scheme

When oil was stolen from rapidly growing printing company Bowden for the second time, they contacted Lime-Circle to replace their ceiling hung unit heater with something more cost-effective and less attractive to thieves.

Their unit – the kind of standard 6x6m found on business and industrial parks all over the country – has a heat loss requirement of 30-40kw. We decommissioned the oil tanks and heaters and installed a small biomass heating plant to the corner of the building. The boiler was coupled to four 8-10kw ceiling slung unit heaters in the main print room, two radiators in the welfare area and a small hot water cylinder.

More effective heat distribution

We created a far nicer working environment by installing four small unit heaters rather than one or two big ones, which are noisy and emit large, uncomfortable blows of localised hot air that leave some workers sweltering and others feeling the chill.

More control

The boiler is filled with 10 kg bagged pellets 2-3 times a week and then left to do its thing – everything else is taken care of by the wireless, fully programmable thermostat.

Much more financial sense

Because both Lime-Circle and the kit we installed are certified by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme, Bowden’s won’t just save £1,182 a year on fuel – they’ll also receive tax-free payments amounting to £4,070 a year under the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme.  All this, and no need to worry about thieves in the night – result!

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