Osborne ‘in denial over green energy’: It’s the third industrial revolution, says Huhne

Go Chris! Go Chris! The Energy & Climate Change Secretary rightly points out that the UK may well only be responsible for 2% of global carbon emissions, but that doesn’t stop us taking the lead and being responsible for a bigger proportion of the savings.

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David Attenborough: ‘I’m an essential evil’

We’ll be watching the BBC’s Frozen Planet this Wednesday, narrated of course by Sir David Attenborough. It’s being billed as his comment on climate change, though this article suggests otherwise. Whatever, it’s guaranteed to be must-see TV.

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Global warming ‘confirmed’ by independent study

So that’s that sorted then. Climate change, global warming… Whatever you call it, it officially exists. Now can we start to really try and do something about it…?

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‘Greenest Government ever’ failing on climate change

And until something’s done, we face a future of importing gas and oil at increasingly ridiculous prices while the rest of the world gains a competitive advantage by introducing low-carbon economies.

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Europeans fear climate change more than financial turmoil, poll shows

We were initially surprised by this – we’re all feeling the bite of the recession right now. But however difficult we’re finding it, recessions pass – and many of us have lived through at least one to know that boom inevitably follows bust. This too shall pass. Climate change is a different beast. It’s an unknown quantity, we have nothing to compare it to and according to the Global Humanitarian Forum, it’s directly responsible for the deaths of 300,000 people every year. Added to the human cost is the economic one – financial losses due to climate change add up to $125 billion a year, which is more than all the current aid pledged to help the 300 million people directly threatened by climate change today. Scary stuff indeed.

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George Osborne vows UK carbon emissions cuts will not lead Europe

Yes, you read that right. The government is proudly announcing that we will NOT strive to be European leaders when it comes to our carbon emissions. As a small renewables business, we have mixed feelings about this. We can see that the UK’s carbon targets are ambitious and place an extra burden on the business sector. But as our business is very much about helping people live more sustainably, responsibly and ultimately cost-effectively, watering down the targets could hit us hard…

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Humanity falls deeper into ecological debt

“At its current pace of consumption humankind will need, by 2030, a second globe to satisfy its voracious appetites and absorb all its waste, the report calculated.” OK. That’s actually petrifying… This is a very thought-provoking article.

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Common fungi spreading as climate changes

I really enjoy going out with the dog and foraging for mushrooms and had noticed my missions have been more fruitful lately. Now I feel bad for being pleased with my luck – I didn’t know it was due to climate change…

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New atlas shows extent of climate change

The retreat of ice thanks to climate change has caused a new island to be formed off the east coast of Greenland. The Inuits call it ‘Warming Island’, which is more than a little depressing.

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