David Attenborough: ‘I’m an essential evil’

We’ll be watching the BBC’s Frozen Planet this Wednesday, narrated of course by Sir David Attenborough. It’s being billed as his comment on climate change, though this article suggests otherwise. Whatever, it’s guaranteed to be must-see TV.

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Humanity falls deeper into ecological debt

“At its current pace of consumption humankind will need, by 2030, a second globe to satisfy its voracious appetites and absorb all its waste, the report calculated.” OK. That’s actually petrifying… This is a very thought-provoking article.

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Common fungi spreading as climate changes

I really enjoy going out with the dog and foraging for mushrooms and had noticed my missions have been more fruitful lately. Now I feel bad for being pleased with my luck – I didn’t know it was due to climate change…

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Don’t cut hedges yet, pleads RSPB

If you’re thinking about putting the garden to bed for the winter, hold fire for just a bit longer – our furry and feathered friends need the foliage…

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