Lime-Circle loves… Open Farm Sunday, 8 June 2014

Qualified wood fuelled boiler installers for farms and growersIt’s only a couple of months until hundreds of British farms all over the UK open their gates to the public for the day – and if you’ve never been, you’ve missed a treat.

I was lucky enough to grow up as part of the farming community – everyone should get the chance to see for themselves the hard work that goes into putting food on the supermarket shelves. Many of the farms put on special activities – things like guided tours, trailer rides, meet the animals and special activities for children – and also give an insight into the routine tasks that make up daily life for a farmer.
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Lime Circle loves… TEDTalks

TED describe themselves as a non-profit whose reason for being is to promote ‘ideas worth spreading’. Their online video Talks are inspirational – famous speakers like Jamie Oliver, Tim Berners Lee, J J Abrams, Douglas Adams and Bono sit alongside the world’s leading Technology, Entertainment and Design experts to deliver theories and views on the world that really make you think. You can lose hours on the website though – be warned…

Visit the TED website

Lime Circle loves… Solar bottle lights

This is really amazing – bringing light where there was none in Manila’s slums, using an empty pop bottle, water and chlorine. Affordable, sustainable genius.

See a video on solar bottle lights

Lime Circle loves… Vincent Callebaut

Today we are mostly loving the work of visionary green architect Vincent Callebaut, whose futuristic concept projects are amazing both environmentally and aesthetically. Our favourite is Physalia, an ‘amphibious garden to clean Europe’s waterways’ – check him out…

Visit Vincent Callebaut’s website

Lime Circle loves… Midomo water purification

We saw this beautifully simple water purification system on Dragon’s Den a few years ago – it’s great to see that their business is doing well and that their kit is out there changing and saving lives in developing countries.

Visit the Midomo website

Lime Circle loves… Sheffield Solar Farm

Lots of geeky techy solar data to play around with, including a live feed of how well Sheffield Solar Farm’s solar panels are performing at any given time. We especially like that it was set up to see how well solar technology works in ‘northerly locations’. Doublespeak for ‘it’s grim up North…’

Visit Sheffield Solar Farm’s website

Lime Circle loves… the new Shrewsbury Dogs Trust kennels

And not just because we’re dog lovers… It’s the world’s only animal welfare centre to have a ‘high rating’ for sustainability and one of only three buildings in the UK to have outstanding accreditation from BREAM, the world’s leading design and assessment standard for sustainable buildings. With eco features including solar PV panels, a rainwater harvesting system, a wood-fuelled biomass heating system and a grass roof, Lime Circle (and our Lurcher) give the project a big thumbs up.

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Lime Circle loves… glamping

All of the fun and romance of getting back to nature, none of the back ache and leaks… We recently booked a week away with Canopy & Stars and loved every second – their eco principles are impressive and the accommodation utterly charming. We’ve got our eye on a gypsy caravan for next time…

Visit the Canopy & Stars website