Farm manager earning from ETA ‘smart’ boiler

Biomass Boiler

As more and more farmers are getting in touch to talk about installing a biomass boiler on their farm, we thought we’d flag up a couple of recent installations to let farmers know about the kind of  services we provide to the agricultural sector.

In late 2013 we installed an ETA Hack 130 smart boiler at Hawton Farm in Nottinghamshire under the instruction of Farm Manager Mark Pykett. Read more

“We would recommend Lime-Circle to anyone,” say Chartway Industrial Services

Chartway Industrial ServicesWe know. It’s not terribly British to bang our own drum. But if we don’t, who will…?! We’re delighted with the feedback we got from Chartway Industrial Services following the installation of two 36kw biomass boilers to replace their inefficient – and ruinously expensive! – old boiler and roof slung gas heaters. 

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50% tariff cuts start dash for solar panels

The government announced today that they are more than halving the Feed-in-Tariff for solar PV systems installed and certified after December 12 2011. Systems installed after this deadline will only receive 21p for every unit of electricity generated, rather than the current 43.3p. This extends the payback period of a system to up to 25 years and obviously makes installing a solar photovoltaic system in your home much less financially attractive. The Renewable Energy Association suggests that this move could leave 25,000 in the solar industry out of work.

As solar panel installations only make up a proportion of our work, we’re confident Lime Circle can ride this storm, but we do feel for companies that rely solely on solar PV work, and their clients who have paid a deposit but won’t see their system installed in time. This is a savage blow to the UK’s developing renewable energy industry, and a dark day indeed for the so-called greenest government ever.

 If you are looking for a solar PV installer in the Nottingham area who can fit a system ahead of the December 12 deadline, we do have some installation slots available but they’re going fast – get in touch to arrange a survey and reserve your solar PV installation slot today.

 Read more – The Daily Mail

Lime Circle loves… TEDTalks

TED describe themselves as a non-profit whose reason for being is to promote ‘ideas worth spreading’. Their online video Talks are inspirational – famous speakers like Jamie Oliver, Tim Berners Lee, J J Abrams, Douglas Adams and Bono sit alongside the world’s leading Technology, Entertainment and Design experts to deliver theories and views on the world that really make you think. You can lose hours on the website though – be warned…

Visit the TED website

Greg Barker addresses the UK solar industry

We were waiting for him to announce the expected reductions to the Feed-In-Tariff, but no… Not yet. He’s teasing us. But the Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change did reveal that, from April 2012, homes wishing to benefit from the FIT scheme will have to meet a minimum standard of energy efficiency. This does make sense, but I wonder how it will affect business for solar PV installers like us?

Read more – Solar Power Portal

Osborne ‘in denial over green energy’: It’s the third industrial revolution, says Huhne

Go Chris! Go Chris! The Energy & Climate Change Secretary rightly points out that the UK may well only be responsible for 2% of global carbon emissions, but that doesn’t stop us taking the lead and being responsible for a bigger proportion of the savings.

Read more – The Daily Mail

Renewables could be UK’s major power source by 2030: WWF

A new report from the World Wildlife Fund states that up to 90% of the country’s electricity could be generated by renewable sources in just under 20 years, without any need for investment in nuclear energy.

Read more – The Guardian

David Attenborough: ‘I’m an essential evil’

We’ll be watching the BBC’s Frozen Planet this Wednesday, narrated of course by Sir David Attenborough. It’s being billed as his comment on climate change, though this article suggests otherwise. Whatever, it’s guaranteed to be must-see TV.

Read more – The Guardian

Lime Circle loves… Solar bottle lights

This is really amazing – bringing light where there was none in Manila’s slums, using an empty pop bottle, water and chlorine. Affordable, sustainable genius.

See a video on solar bottle lights

Global warming ‘confirmed’ by independent study

So that’s that sorted then. Climate change, global warming… Whatever you call it, it officially exists. Now can we start to really try and do something about it…?

Read more – BBC News