Farm manager earning from ETA ‘smart’ boiler

Biomass Boiler

As more and more farmers are getting in touch to talk about installing a biomass boiler on their farm, we thought we’d flag up a couple of recent installations to let farmers know about the kind of  services we provide to the agricultural sector.

In late 2013 we installed an ETA Hack 130 smart boiler at Hawton Farm in Nottinghamshire under the instruction of Farm Manager Mark Pykett.

You can read the full Hawton Farm case study here, but the topline is that, by replacing his thirsty old kerosene boiler with an ultra-efficient biomass boiler, Mark saves £6,000 a year on his fuel bills and, thanks to the government’s commercial RHI scheme, he also earns £14,689 a year, tax-free, in incentive payments.

It’s a very tidy income stream for his farm that adds up to £367,920* over the 20 year period that his RHI payments are guaranteed for – you can see how that figure breaks down if you go and read the case study.

Are you looking to save money on your fuel bills and make the most of the RHI? Call us today on 0115 952 0263 or email us to discuss your options and find out how much you could be earning. 


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