Helping dairy farmers meet Arla’s sustainable supplier targets with biomass

Arla’s commitment to sustainable agriculture is admirable – 70% of the raw materials sourced in Denmark and Sweden meet The Arla Farm standard for sustainability – and they’re now putting the environmental practices of their UK supply chain under closer scrutiny. 

As part of their commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of member farms by 30% by 2020, they’re holding non-compulsory workshops and free carbon footprint assessments for their member farms. Alongside a firm emphasis on maximising the yield of a healthy, robust herd to help minimise greenhouse gas production, there’s also a focus on renewable energy sources.

We can help your dairy cut its carbon emissions – and save serious money

If you’re an Arla member farm, we can help you reduce your carbon output by replacing your oil or gas boiler with an environmentally sound biomass system. And the benefits extend far beyond meeting Arla’s targets for sustainability – the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme will pay you for every kilowatt of heat generated by your biomass boiler, creating an income stream that adds up to tens if not hundreds of thousands of pounds over the 20-year guaranteed payment period.

And as well as being paid to heat your farm in a more environmentally-friendly way,  installing a biomass scheme means you’ll also save money on your fuel bills. Given that heating the water for the washdown is one of the largest costs of milking, these savings can seriously add up… See our Biomass for farms page for more information, or call us on 0115 952 0263 to talk about how much you could save.

Not an Arla member farm?

Sustainable supply chain management is increasingly becoming a priority for big businesses whose own environmental practices are put under ever closer scrutiny. The chances are, if your environmental practices haven’t been examined already, they will be soon – and we can help you demonstrate your commitment to sustainable agriculture AND set up a very attractive, 20-year income stream for your farm.

Lime-Circle specialise in designing RHI-friendly biomass schemes for agricultural applications of all shapes and sizes, including dairy farms – call 0115 952 0263 for professional advice.